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Lumin products are made from eucalyptus and pine trees which are managed through pruning and thinning, to produce high quality wood.

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LUMIN® plywood is solid, lightweight and resistant. Available in a variety of grades, it combines eucalyptus and pine sheets, yielding a product with excellent technical characteristics.

From logs to plywood, LUMIN® is the ideal choice for builders and manufacturers looking for a versatile, environmentally-friendly product.

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Environmental Care

Through sustainable timberland management, LUMIN provides wood products that meet a wide variety of human needs while preserving a healthy environment and monitoring natural resources, biodiversity and conservation areas.
How is LUMIN plywood produced?

How is LUMIN plywood produced?

Our process is carried out safely and responsibly, from the seedlings produced in our nursery to the plywood reaching the customer.
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Social  Responsibility Social  Responsibility

Social Responsibility

LUMIN® implements Social and Corporate Responsibility policies allowing us to develop and maintain appropriate levels of communication and involvement with the communities in which we operate.

We work responsibly and are committed to the ESG principles, as well as the Development and Sustainable Goals

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