Committed to the responsible use of resources and sustainable development from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Committed to the responsible use of resources and sustainable development from an environmental, social and economic perspective.


We operate with a focus on sustainability, and the generation of short and long-term economic, environmental and social value in all our activities.

We are committed to ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, supplying high quality products, managing our operations responsibly and adhering to strict safety standards.

Cost optimization, innovative spirit, and community support, are the basis for maximizing profitability for our shareholders.

We work with local institutions, unions, and neighbors in the communities where we operate, addressing topics such as education and care, health and well-being, and socio-economic inclusion.

Our Forests in Uruguay

Our Forests in Uruguay

These are made up 100% of pine and eucalyptus plantations. Our industrial plant in Uruguay uses only wood fiber from our plantations and a smaller percentage is supplied by other nearby plantations.

Our procurement policy guidelines prohibit the purchase of wood products from at-risk forests.



LUMIN supports third-party certification of forestry practices. Our approach is based on two types of standards: one for environmental management systems and another for specific practices associated with sustainable forest management.

We manage our operations in accordance with the internationally accepted ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.

Responsible forest management

The objective of our forest management is to promote continuous improvement in management policies and practices, seeking a balance between the conservation of natural, heritage and sociocultural resources, productivity (technical, economic and financial) and social well-being.

We prepared a Forest Management Plan to identify and evaluate the present and future impacts of our activities, products and services on environmental metrics. We have also defined procedures aligned with policies and proportional to the scale, intensity and risk of the management units.

Biodiversity and Natural Areas

We work on the comprehensive management of biodiversity using the best forestry practices available, ensuring the care of natural resources, the different ecosystems, flora and fauna.

Studies and monitoring of the state of conservation are carried out on sites identified as priority, enabling us to identify changes throughout the forest cultivation cycle, and implement change mitigation measures.

We promote working with public and private institutions, and with expert technicians in the field, to better understand the different ecosystems and the interaction with forest production.

The following video shows part of the monitoring management that LUMIN carries out:

As established by the forest certification process, different environments are identified and classified according to the Network of Conservation Areas defined by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). These correspond to conservation zones, protection areas, connectivity, representative sample areas and areas of high conservation value (AAVC).

The AAVC-identified areas have specific management and monitoring plans, where attributes and threats are identified and management measures are established to maintain or improve them.

In addition to AAVC areas, sites with historical and/or cultural relevance have a conservation plan and are identified within the LUMIN heritage.

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